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What is the difference between public adjusters and insurance adjusters?

There are three different types of insurance adjusters, two of which are hired by the insurance company.

  • The first type is an "insurance adjuster". They are employed by an insurance company

  • The second type is an "independent adjuster". They are hired by the insurance company.

  • Jeff Shelley & The Shelley Group, are "public adjusters". He is hired by you, the insured. Quite simply, a public adjuster represents the policyholder ONLY.

The Shelley Group is on your side working to ensure the insurance company pays you all the money you are entitled to. It is always a wise decision to let The Shelley Group review your claim even after you have settled with your insurer. Most of the time, we can re-open your claim and supplement for more money if discrepancies are found.

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